Remote Car Starter Gift Certificates


Welcome to our online remote car starter gift certificate selection. Please Read Through This First then scroll down to select your Make.

Go to the Make of the vehicle you are buying the remote car starter for then select the options:

  1.      Select the model of starter you would like.
  2.      Select whether the vehicle has an automatic or manual transmission.
  3.      Select what type of key the vehicle has. (Selecting the wrong key may result in additional charges at the time of installation)
  4.       Select the year of vehicle.
  5.      Select the model of vehicle.
  6.      Choose any convenience options.

When your finished click "Add to Cart" and you will have the price of the car starter for your vehicle.  Please keep in mind that many newer vehicles have anti-theft devices which require us to use additional interfaces to make the car starter function properly.  This is why there may be an additional charge to the base price of the car starter.

After you checkout, you will receive an email with the download link for the remote car starter gift certificate.  Print it out and read the instructions on how to activate it.

 If at anytime you have questions please feel free to call us at (315) 853-5830 and we will be more then glad to help.

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